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Special Needs


You are our heroes.


Next Stop New York is committed to improving the quality of life for disabled people. To those of you with physical or emotional challenges and to your caring family members and friends, you have come to the right place.


We offer vacation packages in New York for:


  • Groups with physical disabilities

  • Groups with developmental disabilities

  • Groups with emotional challenges


Working with groups of all sizes, we provide meticulous attention to detail. Whether you wish to visit New York City for a day or for a week, we are happy to help.


The majority of hotels, restaurants, and attractions in our packages are wheelchair accessible.


For the hearing impaired, we can arrange for ASL certified interpreters to accompany your group for a private sightseeing tour of New York City's major attractions via motorcoach as well as on our Greenwich Village food tasting, walking and historical tours.


If you require a wheelchair or scooter during your stay, a simple and convenient rental service for visitors with special needs is ScootAround, www.scootaround.com


Please call, fax, or email us for a program made specially for you.


About NAMI


Next Stop New York is dedicated to helping eradicate serious mental illnesses. To this effort, we pledge to donate a percentage of our net profit to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).


Founded in 1979, NAMI is the largest non-profit support and advocacy organization in the U.S. for those suffering from mental illness.For more information on this wonderful organization go to www.NAMI.org.